Saturday, 4 October 2014

Elfin Planning and Treasure Trail (September 15th 2014)

First time back on the Green and the sun was streaming down. We got a fire going in the firepit and stood around the logs in a circle to sing My Name is Joe. Then we ate biscuits while introducing ourselves, welcomed newcomers and tried to remember the golden rules especially being safe around the fire.

Then we kicked off with the vote for what to do in this term's Elfin Takeover session. The candidates were:

A - hedgehog making
B - weaving
C - natural tie-dye scarves
D - dream catchers
E - den making
F - cool ways to make food
G - music making

We talked a bit about different kinds of voting and why you might want a secret ballot. Then we had one: each Elfin put down their three favourites and posted their voting slip in a ballot box. And the top three were:

Den Making, Cool Food and Weaving - so we'll definitely do Den Making and try to fit the other two in. 

Then it was time for the Treasure Trail. 
3 groups were given envelopes which contained coded messages - written in maritime flag signals! (They also had a decryption guide).

… it doesn't display so well on this blog… but that - more or less - says 'by the gate'…
...and when they'd decoded that first message, it led to another clue. 

This one had been cut up to form a jigsaw puzzle.... when they put that back together it led to another clue…

…which took the form of a leaf from a tree they had to find on the Green. If they got that right - after lots of running backwards and forwards all over the Green - they got the prize - marshmallows! *

Just in time for toasting over the embers. 

Vidar and Tei organised a game of Cops and Robbers

before we sang Link Your Hands Together for the first time this autumn. 
It was good to be back.

*(All the clue ideas were from a great site called Treasure Hunt Ideas

- it will even generate translations into flag signals for you - just type in your message and it does the rest).  

Session Leader: Catrin
Leaders: Claire, Lucy, Kate
Helpers: Tei, Pippa

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