Thursday, 9 October 2014

Woodwork (29th September 2014)

We kicked off with the Name Train game to cement some of the new names - it was so popular we had to play it twice - and we could easily have played it again and again.

Then we had a serious talk about safety. We explained that we would be using saws and drills and that it was very important that when people were using them everyone else had to keep well away. We had 4 work stations - 3 sawing benches and some wide, shallow logs to use for drilling on.

Each station had an adult attached and all the Elfins who were not using them were told to go and play games far away!

In pairs the Elfins used bow saws to cut discs of wood

  - then they made a guide hole with an auger -
- and drilled a hole near the edge using a hand drill -

- before threading string through and decorating the name discs with felt tips.

Meanwhile Chris played some great games:

She started with Tig – everyone stood in a circle with the tigger inside the circle. Anyone who was tigged also became a tigger but had to do so on their hands and knees.

The second game was Stoa – a type of tig game with one tigger, who has the ball. Anyone who is hit by the ball also joins the tigger until the last person is caught. It’s a fantastic team game as nobody is in or out, you simply switch sides and the better the co-operation the more successful the game. (It's a game Chris first came across at an Anglo-Saxon re-enactment weekend in West Stow (hence the name) about 30 years ago!)

We sang the Woodcraft Song in a circle around some Elfins who were still working on their discs before saying thanks all and goodnight.

Session Leader: Catrin
Leaders: Amanda, Kate 
Helpers: Chris, Clare, Pippa, Tei

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