Monday, 3 February 2014

First Aid 1 (3rd February 2014)

We started in the playground then came in to play a new game called Wibble Wobble. (Brace yourself - this could be a long one...)

Wibble Wobble
Everyone starts off as a wibble wobble - wibbling their arms around and weaving about the room saying 'Wibble Wobble' until they bump into another one - at which point they play Rock, Paper, Scissors - whoever wins becomes a knight and has to charge around the room pretending to ride a horse and making clip clop noises - knights must find other knights - the remaining wibble wobbles must look for each other - then they all play Rock, Paper, Scissors again. When a knight beats another knight the loser becomes a wibble wobble, the winner becomes a king or queen and must walk grandly around with their hands straight up on either side of their head as a crown. (Is it just me - or are these games getting more and more complicated?) Anyway just to make it more interesting Jago suggested we go one step further so that kings and queens who beat other kings and queens can become Emperors and walk around with their arms wide like a sunburst... We did and, amazingly enough, it worked. We wibble wobbled, clip clopped, processed and paraded merrily until time for the news circle.

It was our first news circle since before Christmas and we had grapes and Jammy dodgers: Vidar felt he had been at school all the time, including weekends(!); Connie and Millie are going to Cornwall; Tei was looking forward to go karting at the weekend; Jago was looking forward to his Jammy Dodger; Catrin was worried their rabbits kept trying to chew their way out of the run; Peter had been fishing and caught a big fish; Kira had spent time with friends; Chris had been skiing for the weekend; Seren said she was hoping to go to Thailand; Alison had seen leafcutter ants; Emily had seen a murmuration of starlings and Stan had had a Yorkshire pudding the size of a teatray for lunch.

First Aid
Then Chris took over and taught the Elfins some basic First Aid. She had been badly injured and needed help patching herself up. So the Elfins had to find out what was wrong with her and then they went through considering all the contents of her First Aid box till eventually they worked out what bandages she needed. They had a go at bandaging each other (though some of the time had to be spent drawing wounds onto their arms with felt tips). Then, dramatically, Chris had a relapse, collapsed on the floor and had to be put into the recovery position. Not long after, all the Elfins knew how to do the position and were busy rolling each other around on the way to a safe recovery.

Dead Ants
We ended with another new game: Dead Ants. Everyone is an ant apart from 1 or 2 pest controllers. The object of the game is for all the ants to get from one side of the room to the ant hill on the other side. If they're caught by the controllers they have to lie down dead on the floor with their feet in the air. The other ants must come to rescue them but they can only be carried away to the ant hill by 4 ants - 1 on each arm and leg. When ants are holding the leg or arm of a dead ant they can't be caught by the pest controllers! Stan raced around like a mad thing but in the end solidarity won the day and all the ants were carried home.

We signed off with a big thank you to Chris and the Woodcraft Folk Song.

Session Leaders: Catrin, Chris
Leaders: Alison
Helpers: Lili, Tei, Marie

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