Monday, 10 February 2014

First Aid 2 (10th February 2014)

Tei started with our new game Dead Ants explaining it to all the people who were poorly last time. Then we had our second news circle this year with clementines and Hobnobs - and there were lots of things to tell...

Peter is going to Cornwall and so is Connie; Felix is going to a wedding in Lancaster; Ruby's going to stay in her cousins' new house; Nick is looking forward to Elfin hostel; Nicholas has got exams coming up; Seren got Star of the Week; Chris's boiler is not working; Tei said there is a lot of gossip in school this week about buying a rose for charity on Valentine's Day; Stan's going to the cinema to celebrate 3 family birthdays; Kira is going to see Peter Pan; Bethan said 'Hallo' to all of us; Marie had been Skyping friends and family in Canada and South America; Catrin has released the rabbits into the wild (of their garden); Nick pointed out this may not have been a great plan in light of Lucy's news: she is being extra careful with the chickens because their next door neighbour's hen was gotten by the fox; Millie said she had seen a fox cub in the road; Bibi said she'd seen a dog-like fox on the road to Nick's house and it was her birthday(!) so we all sang...

Then all those who missed First Aid last week went with Chris to bandage wounds and learn to save lives. 

The remaining group opted for something a bit more serious and played Pass the Squeeze - everyone held hands in a circle and took it in turns to pass a hand squeeze - sometimes changing direction and sometimes passing two squeezes in two directions at the same time. We graduated from this to Hula Hoop Hoopla. We began with one large hula hoop and had to pass it around the circle without letting go of each other's hands. Then we added in a smaller hoop and had to pass that in the opposite direction - and then a third even smaller one - until all three hoops had to loop inside each other - and the people inside all of them. The smallest people of all were best…

We sat down in a circle and Seren taught us how to play G'day Bruce. It's a bit fiddly to describe but the key thing is you have to go round the circle saying 'G'day Bruce', 'G'day Bruce', 'Say hallo to Bruce, Bruce' and if you go wrong you become a Sheila and if you go wrong again you become a Joey and if you go wrong again you're out. Everyone has to remember who is what. So you might end up having to say 'G'day Sheila', 'G'day Bruce,' 'Say hallo to Joey, Sheila'... and so on. All in an Australian accent.

Last of all we played Wink Murder. Vidar was the detective and went outside for a moment. Catrin chose Peter as the murderer and told everyone. It was pointed out that this was not traditional because no-one would catch his eye if they knew he was the murderer. However, because lots of people like doing big dramatic death scenes we decided it was ok. Vidar came back and - sure enough - lots of people happily bit the dust in a variety of gurgling falls. Vidar guessed Emily and Marie - so Peter got away with it! At which point the First Aiders joined us.

We took nominations for our favourite games and voted. Dead Ants, Octopus, The Forest Game, Tongue Murder and Crocodile were all nominated with a landslide victory for Dead Ants in the vote. So we played that and sang The Woodcraft Song to close.

Session Leaders: Lucy, Chris
Leaders: Alison, Catrin
Helpers: Tei, Marie, Nicholas

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