Monday, 24 February 2014

Music Session (24th February 2014)

We started with a new game that Bibi taught us called Splat! One person is in the middle of a circle holding an imaginary splat gun. They spin around, point at someone and say 'Splat'. The person they are pointing at must duck. So far - so good... but... at the same time, the players on either side of them must point at each other and say "splat!". If the first person does not duck in time - they are out - and the last of the two on either side to say "splat!" is also out. If these two speak at the same time - they both stay in. Once a player is out they sit down in the circle. You still with me? Ok - when only two players remain, they stand back-to-back in the centre of the circle as in an old-fashioned duel.  As the two walk apart from each other the group leader says something like "orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, apple!" Then both players must turn and shoot, the quickest on the draw winning the game. (For good reasons - some people don't like shooting games - so you can play Splat! with imaginary custard pies instead…).

We followed Splat! with a free vote game and Octopus won.

Then we all sat in our circle and Lucy introduced Matt and Hamish. We told each other about our favourite instruments while eating apples, cheese and crackers. Matt liked bass trombone; Jago, Louis and Vidar also liked the trombone; Louis also liked maracas; Felix liked trumpet; Arthur liked rock guitar; Stan liked drums; Martha liked the violin; Catrin and Amanda liked the harp; Alison liked saxophone; Emily liked recorder; Bibi liked the voice; Bethan wasn't sure; Kate, Zena, Marie, Kira, Seren and Claire all liked the piano; Seren also liked ukulele and voice and Kate also liked the lute; Hamish liked the bouzouki; one Nick liked guitar and the other Nick liked the bongos!

Hamish passed around percussion instruments so everyone could have a go: maracas, reindeer bells, claves (Cuban pair of wooden sticks), ghungroo (Indian ankle bells) and many others including pots filled with chickpeas - one of which exploded while being shaken showering peas all over the floor! Stan, Hamish and Nick started a rhythm on drums and we all joined in until Matt split us first into two groups playing two contrasting rhythms and then into four groups to sing and play Campfire's Burning accompanied by the violin.

Then we made our own shakers:

We used plastic bottles and pots…

                               With plenty of rattlers inside.

Hamish and Matt played…

...and when anyone knew the song - they joined in.

It was like Woodcraft Woodstock.

When all the shakers were made and decorated we sang and played a few requests together...

...including a memorable We Will Rock You and Let It Be ending with an unusually musical Woodcraft Folk Song.

A very big thank you to all but especially the brilliant Matt and Hamish. What a talented bunch we are!

Session Leader: Lucy
Leaders: Kate, Amanda, Alison, Catrin
Helpers: Matt, Hamish, Marie, Nick, Claire

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