Monday, 31 March 2014

Merry Moot (24th March 2014)

We met on the Green for the last Spring session and kicked off with a frenetic final game of Octopus. Vidar and Millie were the last fish swimming.

We had snacks at the firepit - marshmallows, tortilla chips, blueberry and chocolate muffins, grapes and hot chocolate, fruit flakes and hummus (not necessarily in that order).

Then we held our Merry Moot:

Connie, Bibi, Ruby, Zena, Millie et al formed a group...

….and did a 'mystery act'….

…starring at least one rabbit;

                                                  Seren and Millie sang a Dinosaur song;

Nick and Jago did a crazy chase scene...

 ...featuring a large red wig(!);

Bibi sang 'For the First Time in Forever' from Frozen; Lucy, Arthur and Nick did a fabulous version of 'The Silly(?) Song' - and then again very fast... Tei did a card trick called 'Hand Sandwich'; Seren sang 'Let It Go' from Frozen. 

By which time - despite the fire - and extra hot chocolate - we were all well and truly frozen.

So we got up and played the Hula Hoop Game 

...with 7 (yes 7!) hula hoops going in both directions around the circle.

Special thanks to Arthur for the closeups!

And we ended our sessions with a belting Woodcraft Folk Song

Some off us will be meeting up again at the Iron Age Elfin Hostel next week - and we are all looking forward to many (warmer) days on the Green when we get back after Easter.

Thanks to all the Elfins - helpers - and leaders for a lovely Spring.

Session leader: Amanda
Leaders: Lucy, Catrin
Helpers: Nick, Claire, Marie, Tei

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