Friday, 17 January 2014

Fantasy Countries (20th May 2013)

We met outside and Sue Dowe from West Oxford Elfins came along to help.

We split into four groups and made countries on the grass out of tarpaulin, boxes and rope.

The Elfins considered who might live in each country and what they might do. They also decided on each land's natural environment and drew up its laws. Then we all travelled round visiting each others countries and learning about them.

We played Bat and Moth - everyone stood in a circle with one person blindfolded in the middle (the Bat). One other person (the Moth) had to try not to be caught by the Bat but every time the Bat said 'Bat' the Moth had to answer 'Moth'. Some people were very good at catching moths by sound alone! We ended by singing the Woodcraft Song.

Session Lead: Amanda, Alison
Leaders: Catrin, Lucy, Kate
Helpers: Sue, Martha, Tei

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