Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Planning (28th April 2014)

We kicked off the Summer with a new game on Wolvercote Green - Clothes Peg Tag. It was a great success (despite one minor injury and some cheating...). It involves taking off the clothes pegs pinned on to each player by chasing each other and then pegging the pegs onto oneself (good to start with 3-5 pegs each). The winner is the one who after a certain period of time has the most clothes pegs. Jessica was the clear winner with 11!

When we came together for our news circle we formally welcomed the new Elfins: today's winner Jess, Benjamin and Sophie. Next we did one word news - 'my favourite thing about the Easter holidays' - and then had a quick recap on the rules we have all agreed - concentrating on the main three:

1. Be Kind
2. Listen (when others are speaking)
3. Respect (the thoughts and feelings of others)

We agreed that if we manage these - then rule number 5 is easy - Have Fun!

We talked about what was coming up this term including the District Camp in June and reminded all parents that we encourage them to join Woodcraft Folk and have a DBS done so that they can come to camps and hostels with us.

Then it was time for the ever popular snacks (apples and biscuits today) and getting on with the main job - session planning. We split into 3 groups to discuss: the spare session, the Summer Celebration and the Elfin Takeover. Each group drew their ideas on big sheets of paper and then fed back to everyone else. There were masses of ideas:

Spare Session Ideas

Making things:
- woodwork
- fluffy hedgehogs
- instruments
- weaving
- natural tie-dye scarves
- dream catchers
Out and About
- foraging
- den making
- tree climbing
- s'mores
- different adults teach cool ways to make food
- botanical garden
- zoo
- swimming pool
- music making
- juggling

The Summer Celebration Ideas

- 'I say, I say, I say' - the best joke ever
- talent show - merry moot - do what you want
- drama
- singing
- gymnastics
- dressing up
- parade
- party games
- barbecue: sausages and marshmallows

Elfin Takeover Ideas

- Go Crazy
- Games: e.g. Dead Ants, Football, Cricket
- Sweet Picnic: Coke, Fanta and lots of sweet things

We'll try to include lots of today's ideas in the next few weeks and save others for the autumn. More on the Elfin Takeover next time.

We ended with a furious game of Dead Ants and the Woodcraft Folk Song.

Session leaders: Alison/Amanda
Leaders: Lucy, Catrin
Helpers: Christine, Jo, Joanna, Teresa, Tei

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