Saturday, 20 September 2014

Woodstock Olympics (16th June 2014)

Oops... apologies for another out of order post...this should have been before the Butterfly Feeders!

Anyway ... on this particular day we got together later than usual and bundled into cars on our way to see the Woodstock Elfins for a joint Olympics.

This was our third session together - but the first time we'd been to their place - and when we got there we were welcomed into a lovely playground by Ian, Penny and the Woodstockers. We sat around a giant painted circle and shared our names; then sang My Name is Joe - with all the actions - before numbering off into mixed North Oxford and Woodstock teams for the serious business of the night.

GAME ONE: The first game was a relay - two large teams each with their own 'monster feet stilts'. It took such a long time for everyone to lumber up and down the course on their new trotters that we ditched legs two and three of the relay and moved on to game number 2.

GAME TWO:This involved a lot of shouting I think... but I was too far away collecting water buckets to see what the shouting was all about...

GAME THREE: Another relay - each team member had to dip a cup in a bucket and run up the course to deposit as much water as possible in a bucket at the other end.

GAME FOUR: Water balloons!

4 teams spread along the course - players had to toss the balloons from one to another until they reached the end. Of course, a lot broke...and people got wet…. and if they didn't break there was always someone on hand to give them a second throw.... and a third…. until they did.

Best of all was Ian's surprise final challenge - we nominated Nick as the catcher from North Oxford without knowing what we were letting him in for….

It turned out to be Toss the Egg.

Ian and Nick threw it from one to the other taking a step back each time…there were oohs and aahs…cheers and applause…and smiles on all our faces as they got further... and further…and further... apart … and were still catching it…. until in the end... it was Ian left with egg on his hand.

Some Elfins were still not quite wet enough and so poured water over their own heads until they were.

Then a speedy Woodcraft Folk Song before dry clothes and home.

Thanks very much Woodstock. It was great! See you at Camp - or next time.

Session Leaders: Ian, Penny, Catrin, Kate
Leaders: Alison, Claire
Helpers: Nick, Lili, Matt

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