Thursday, 26 June 2014

Butterfly Feeders (23rd June 2014)

We met on the Green and played a game - but I don't know which one as l was otherwise occupied!

Then we split up into 4 groups and started to make butterfly feeders:
- first you make a hole about the size of pencil (5mm) in the bottom of a plastic cup
- then you stick small pieces of double-sided tape all around the opening

- then you cut or tear up petals from different coloured plastic bags and stick them on

So you have your flower shape…

- then take a wad of cotton wool and (from the inside of the cup) carefully poke a small amount through the hole leaving the rest inside the cup

- then poke two small holes opposite each other just under the rim of the cup
- thread string through to make a loop and tie knots in the ends to hold in place

- fill your cup with 'nectar' (1 tsp sugar to 1 cup of water)
- lastly - hang up on your window ledge, garden or elsewhere and wait...

We ended with a circle talking about why butterflies might need feeding. Elfins thought they might be hungry because there weren't so many flowers - maybe because it was getting towards winter - or maybe because of pollution. They also thought we needed butterflies because they are pretty - and because they pollenate our flowers.

Session Leader: Kate
Leaders: Claire, Alison, Amanda, Catrin
Helpers: Joanne, Amanda, Tei

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