Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Clay! (October 20th 2014)

This was Clare's first session leading - and it was fantastic. We are very lucky to have someone who really knows about pottery.

The good people at the Wolvercote Young People's Centre had given us access to their art and pottery room…..

... and we had loads of the grey stuff.

 The Elfins - as ever - loved it.

They all moulded whatever they wanted…

…. lots of pots…

…. and some people…

... and creatures….

...Some had pots with people and creatures inside them!

Elfins (and leaders) always love clay. But this clay was different than the ones we've used before. It wasn't air dried. It was fine china clay and Clare explained to the Elfins that it would have to stay at WYPC to be fired in the kiln.

Thanks Clare and roll on the week after half term and glazing!

Session leader: Clare
Leaders: Catrin, Claire, Amanda, Kate
Helper: Tei

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