Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Glazing! (10th November 2014)

We were back with Clare at the Wolvercote Young People's Centre Art room....

Everyone recognised their creations from last time - though some had come a little unstuck(!) Then Clare explained how to use the glazes safely. She made sure all the Elfins understood that they must keep their fingers away from their faces - and wash their hands well when they were finished. (In fact, the glazes Clare had chosen were non toxic and couldn't do any real harm... but we were very careful anyway - and so were the Elfins).

Pale pinks, pale blues, pale greens and pale yellows were carefully daubed into place… three layers each… when they see them next they should be a shiny riot of red, indigo, emerald and gold!

When some people had finished they went off to play Wink, Wink, Murder and Chinese Whispers with Amanda and Tei. Then finished up outside in the dark playing a loud game of Name Train.

A huge thank you to Clare who stepped in and pulled off these two sessions at very short notice.


The Elfins got back their creations at the last session of the year...after hours of patient firing by Clare...and very fine they were too.

Session lead: Clare
Leaders: Clare, AmandaKate, Catrin
Helper: Tei

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