Thursday, 19 June 2014

Texture pictures (9th June 2014)

In a change to the published programme - due to uncertainties about the weather - we postponed woodwork until the autumn.

We met on the Green (in what turned out to blazing sunshine) and after playing on the equipment for a bit had a game of People, Houses, Chaos. It was the first time for most of us - and left some a bit bemused. It starts off with pairs of players making arches to be 'Houses' while others shelter underneath (the 'People'). One player is caller. When the caller shouts 'Houses' - the houses all move to cover another person. When they shout 'People' - the people all move house. When the caller shouts 'Chaos' everyone relocates including the caller. Whoever's left over becomes the new caller...hmmm...interesting take on the housing crisis....but needs a bit of practice methinks.

We all decamped to sit on the tarp under the trees out of the sun. We had a quick news circle with biscuits and started by recapping on the pigs visit for those who hadn't been there. The Elfins thought a bit about people who don't eat pigs - and came up with Jewish people, Muslims, vegetarians and pescatarians. Catrin also noted that some small Christian groups don't eat pork - the Seventh Day Adventists usually don't - and some Elfins pointed out that even when your culture or religion suggests not to eat certain things individuals may choose to eat them from time to time. Some of our Elfins do for example.

Then we gave the Elfins salt, cups and large pavement chalks and asked them to combine the materials in the cups - and watch to see the 'magic' happen.

Sure enough, as they ground the salt and chalk together, the salt started to change colour.

Then we gave them gluesticks, black paper, sawdust and sand - and left them to it.

They made some fantastic texture pictures without any help from us.

We ended - as usual - with a song.

Before signing off I'd just like to say thanks to Ally Johns who led a thought provoking Inclusion Training session for the District Woodcraft Leaders - and to Sue Dowe for organising it. Thanks too to Ally because she gave us the idea for the texture pictures!

Session Leaders: Catrin/Claire
Leaders: Kate, Alison, Lucy
Helpers: Joanne, Amanda

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