Thursday, 5 June 2014

Elfin Takeover (19th May 2014)

This was the session designed and voted for by the Elfins. We gathered on the Green around the roaring fire Lucy had already got going...

...and the Elfins kicked off their sweet picnic with chocolate bananas made by filling bananas with chocolate, wrapping them in foil and laying them around the edges of the campfire.

While they were cooking, the games started with Capture the Flag led by Tei and Seren. There was some dispute over fairplay but I think we're getting the hang of it!

Next everyone took it in turns (assisted by Nick) to squeeze fresh oranges, mix the juice with soda water and add a bit of sugar for home made orangeade.

Followed by eating the bananas.

Then we played our first ever round of parachute games. It turned out our parachute is probably a bit small - and not strong enough - so a couple of handles will need stitching back on!

Even so we did Washing Machine with two people sitting in the middle of the parachute; the others walking around in a circle holding on to the edge so the middle ones were all wrapped up (taking care not to let the parachute get above neck height) and then everyone pulling hard on the edges so the 'washing machine' spun the washing.

Followed by Shark Attack where 2 Elfins were sharks under the parachute; 2 Elfins were lifeguards roaming around the outside and everyone else was sitting up around the edge with their feet tucked under. Unfortunately the sharks were viciously effective and one by one we all got dragged under and eaten.

Then it was back to the campfire for the most popular treat of the night: s'mores - we all toasted marshmallows first. Then, those that wanted to, squashed them between a couple of Nice biscuits before munching.
Et voila - home made sweet picnic, orangeade and games - the perfect Elfin Takeover!

Session leaders: Catrin/Lucy
Leaders: Kate, Claire
Helpers: Joanne, Lili, Nick, Amanda

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