Friday, 17 January 2014

Cutting Out the Fire-pit (Saturday 14th September 2013)

The Wolvercote Commoners kindly dedicated their monthly workday to cutting out the fire-pit and building the log circle around it.

The fire-pit is now edged with moss-covered stones donated by Mike Buck (Chair of the Commoners' Committee) from his garden. Mike, Maddie and Simon from the Commoners' Committee did most of the work with Lucy (Commoners and Woodcraft) and Nick and Stan (Elfins). Catrin (Woodcraft) did a bit of log carrying at the end.

Fire-pit complete

Mike came back the following day to secure the logs in the circle with stakes.

It is a fantastic piece of work and leaves a great resource for the whole community.

Saplings will be planted all around the area so that in years to come the fire-pit will be in the middle of a clearing in a copse at the north end of the green..

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