Friday, 17 January 2014

End of year Merry Moot (16th December 2013)

We invited parents to join us for the Merry Moot and spent the first part of the session practicing our acts.

Sophie, Lili, Catherine, Stephanie and Marie joined the audience and we began:

Catrin did Jabberwocky, Ruby played recorder, Connie played violin, Nick, Jago, Vidar and Stan did a clown act, Connie and Millie read a story, Bethan read a poem, Tei did a card trick with Seren assisting, Nick and Stan did football skills, Nick, Jago, Vidar, Stan and Arthur did the clown act again, Seren kicked off a game of charades and all joined in.

Amanda and Stephanie spent a lot of the party in the kitchen making hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows. It went down a storm.

All the Elfins picked a tiny wooden Christmas tree decoration from a lucky dip bag. Then we sang We Wish You A Merry Christmas and the Woodcraft Folk Song before heading home for the holidays.

Session Lead: Alison
Leaders: Catrin, Lucy, Kate, Amanda
Helpers: Tei, Sophie, Marie, Lilli, Catherine, Stephanie

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