Friday, 17 January 2014

Making Birdfood (January 6th 2014)

Everyone played in the playground then came in and played Ducks and Chicks. We split into groups of 4-6. In each group 1 Elfin was the fox and 1 was the parent bird. All the others were chicks. The chicks had to line up behind the parent. The fox had to try to touch one of the chicks and the parent had to try and block the fox by moving up and down the line. The chicks must not move. Once the fox had touched a chick, the fox became a chick, the parent became the fox and another Elfin (previously a chick) became the parent!

In the circle we all said the name of a bird that we knew and talked about why birds need extra food in the winter while eating garibaldi biscuits and grapes (us that is - not the birds).

We split into 4 groups and Kate explained how to mix food together for the birds in our washing up bowls. We cut up lard and combined it with grains, rolled oats and grated cheese to make a sticky mess! Some people enjoyed squashing it through their fingers. Others, especially the vegetarians, were a lot more hands off...

Then everyone made the bird feeders either by tying string through the bottom of a plastic cup and filling the cup with the lard mixture or by tying string around a fir cone and patting mixture on the cone to form (in some cases enormous) balls. Nick's was practically the size of a house brick and required two strings to support it!

We sang The Woodcraft Song and Elfins took their bird-feeders home to refrigerate overnight.
Gone overnight!

Session Lead: Kate
Leaders: Amanda, Lucy, Catrin, Alison
Helper: Marie, Tei


The birds quickly picked them clean...

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