Friday, 17 January 2014

Autumn Walk with Blackberries and Woodies Mess (23rd September 2013)

We met outside (still lucky with the weather) and played Duck, Duck, Goose (with inventive new words each round). Continuing our theme of speedy news we did a circle with one word news!

Then we split into 4 groups and each went looking for 15 autumn trees and bushes (with picture recognition sheets) and found alder, elder, bramble, ash, field maple, sycamore, oak, silver birch, holly, ivy, blackthorn, hawthorn, horse chestnut and dog rose - everything we were looking for except beech!

Along the way we collected blackberries and when we got back washed the blackberries (and our hands) and made Woodies Mess (blackberries, meringue and cream) to eat at the log circle.

We had a short talk about some less than Woodies behaviour and decided we'd talk in another session about what rules we should have before ending with a pretty good rendition of the Woodcraft Folk Song.

Session Lead: Catrin
Leaders: Amanda, Lucy, Alison, Kate
Helper: Jan, Tei

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