Friday, 17 January 2014

Boat Making (1st July 2013)

We met by the Mill Stream in Lower Wolvercote where everyone made junk boats and made and decorated origami boats. We talked about what things we had enjoyed doing at Woodcraft Folk and what things we wanted to do and put these ideas in words and pictures onto the sails of our boats.

Then we sailed them down the river to see which ones were best.

Some of the boats got waterlogged quickly and others lasted longer (thicker card might have been better). Some of the Elfins abandoned their boats to their fate and went into the water for a paddle instead. It was a lovely afternoon and a great way to make use of our closeness to Wolvercote's waterways.

We ended as usual with the Woodcraft Song.

Session lead: Kate, Amanda
Leaders: Alison, Lucy
Helper: Tei

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