Friday, 17 January 2014

Where in the World? People and Places (14th October 2013)

We played Capture the Flag outside with Tei and Amanda leading. Then inside we split into 4 groups and took it in turns to do 2 activities thinking about people and places:

- Two groups started with a giant map on the floor. They made little stick people of themselves with card and cocktail sticks and stood them up with blutack on the map to mark the countries they had visited and the countries that friends or family came from. Europe was so full of cardboard cutouts and cocktail sticks you could hardly see any countries! There were far fewer in other parts of the world - some in China - a few in North and South America - one or two in Africa.

- The other two groups tried to agree the 5 things they would need to take if they went to a desert island. There were lots of good discussions. Some people felt you had to take only practical things including food and water. Some people felt the natural environment would give you many practical things like food, water and shelter. Other people thought they needed to take something personal - like a favourite toy - and that emotional things were just as important as practical things.

We swapped over the two groups so everyone had a go - but we were pushed for time. In fact, we could have just done one of the activities because the Elfins were happy to keep talking - though variety is nice!

In our circle we ate doughnuts and talked about it all before singing the Woodcraft Song.

Session Lead: Amanda
Leaders: Alison, Lucy, Kate, Catrin
Helpers: Marie, Stephanie, Tei

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