Friday, 17 January 2014

Silly Sports Day (8th July 2013)

We met up outside - split into four teams - and played some of the very silliest games Kate could think of:

  • Crossing the Swamp (all the team had to get across on a rug with only a few extras to help them - and no stepping in the swamp)
  • Monster Relay (on stilts - in monster masks - to rescue a variety of Martha's toys)
  • Water Race (each team must fill the distant bucket using only a small teacup)
  • Blind Man’s Brick Box (blindfolded each team member must sort out the coloured blocks - with only their shouting team mates to help)
  • Feeding Time (how do you eat marshmallows with a fork attached to a beanpole - when you can only hold the wrong end of the pole?)
  • 5-a-side football
  • Three-legged race
We ended with rousing versions of the The One and Only and the Woodcraft Song.

Session Lead: Kate
Leaders: Catrin, Lucy, Amanda, Alison
Helper: Tei

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