Friday, 17 January 2014

Bubble Making (3rd June 2013)

We met outside on another sunny day and the Elfins mixed glycerin and washing up liquid to make bubble mixture and poured it into our paddling pools.

We used a variety of tools to make bubbles: tennis racquets, kitchen utensils, pipe cleaners, hangers and hula hoops.

The last of these meant Elfins standing in the middle of the pool while the others tried to lift the hula hoop with a column of bubble attached up and over their heads - several times they very nearly made it!

We played The Colour Game - one person stands in the middle - the others in a wide circle. The circle players can only advance towards the centre person when he/she shouts out a colour - and if they are wearing it...

We ended by linking hands and singing the Woodcraft Song.

Session Lead: Kate, Alison
Leaders: Lucy, Amanda, Catrin
Helper: Tei

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