Friday, 17 January 2014

The First Ever North Oxford Woodies (6th May 2013)

We met for the very first time, none of us really sure what to expect. So we played Getting to Know You Games:

  • Octopus
  • Getting into birthdate order (while standing on chairs!)
  • Deadly Infection
  • The Name Game (while throwing a ball around the circle)
  • Sheep, Pig, Cow 

And learnt the Woodcraft Folk Song:

Link your hands together,
A circle we'll make.
This bond of our friendship
No power can break.
Let's all sing together,
In one mighty throng.
Should any be weary ,
We'll help them along.
Should any be weary, 
We'll help them along.

And North Oxford Woodcraft Folk had arrived!

Leaders: Alison, Amanda, Kate, Lucy, Catrin
Helper: Tei

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