Friday, 17 January 2014

Where in the World? Games (21st October 2013)

After a bit of a drama when we couldn't get the key to get into the hall (everyone happy in the playground!)...we started with a circle and passed a roll of gaffer tape from arm to arm while shaking hands and saying 'hallo'.

Then reminded ourselves of the Woodcraft Rules:

1. Be Kind
2. Listen when others are speaking
3. Act safely around the fire
4. Do as you are asked
5. Have Fun!

Then we all wrote our names on a paper boat and sailed it across Kate's brilliant 'map of the world' shower curtain by holding hands and rowing - half of us shouting 'Heave' and half shouting 'Ho'.

We landed on Africa first and played 'Nyama' (meat) a game from countries in East Africa. All stand in a circle around 1 person. They shout out the names of animals. At each name everyone jumps up and claps. If the meat can be eaten by humans they jump, clap and shout Nyama!
We sat in our circle and ate chocolate (made from Fairtrade African cocoa beans).

Next we sailed our boat to Asia and played Banana Pass - a relay game in teams with all team players lying head to foot. The first player has to pass a banana over their heads to the player behind using only their feet. The last player has to eat the banana.
We ate rice cookies from Japan in our circle.

Then on again - we sailed our boat to America and played Skateboard Racing in two teams - each player in the team has to lie on their stomach on a skateboard and make their way to the next team member on the opposite side of the room using only their hands. The team to get all their players across first wins.

Lastly we went to Europe and played The Forest Game from Denmark. Pairs of players hold hands to make arches (the trees) all the other players except one are squirrels - the remaining player is the fox. There should be less trees than squirrels.   One squirrel can be safe sitting under a tree (the arch). If another squirrel comes and taps them on the shoulder they must leave their tree. If the fox catches them, they become a fox too. As squirrels become foxes the number of trees is reduced!

We ran out of time and sang the Woodcraft Song before demolishing doughnuts (America) and liquorice (Europe).

Session Lead: Kate
Leaders: Catrin, Lucy
Helpers: Marie, Lilli, Tei

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