Monday, 20 January 2014

Snow globe 2: Global Warming (20th January 2014)

We ran about outside before coming in to play Octopus. Seren won the first round and Zena was the only fish to make it through on the second.

Not quite all run out, we sat down and thought about melting ice caps - recapping on last week. Then we talked about crazy weather (melting ice, flooding, freezing...) and how it affects people as well as animals. The Elfins told each other about their own experience of extreme weather and about The Maldives as one dramatic example of the impact of climate change.

Then we split into four teams (each with a dice and a bowl of ice cubes) to play the Icecube Game. Each player had to throw the dice and then try to melt an ice cube:

1 - Hold for 10 seconds
2 - Blow on it for 10 seconds
3 - Stand on it for 10 seconds
4 - Lick it 10 times!
5 - Rub it between your hands for 10 seconds
6 - Sprinkle salt on it

Salt and rubbing worked best - though standing on it was most fun.

One final challenge - each Elfin put a cube in their mouth to see who could melt it first without crunching! Nick won. We got together in the circle to talk about the results.

Then it was time to finish off the snowglobes. Unfortunately a couple of the clay penguins and polar bears had not come through the baking process well :( and will need more work. However, most of them looked great. We added water, glycerin and glitter to the jars and stuck the lids on with epoxy resin with the clay figures attached. Tomorrow evening, we'll find out if we really have snowfall when the globes are turned upside down. Fingers crossed.

Ended with a spirited rendition of the Woodcraft Song.

Ruby's snowglobe
Session Leads: Alison, Catrin
Leaders: Lucy
Helper: Marie


Marie's snowglobe

It's a bit difficult to show them 'in action' but here are a few…

The epoxy resin made some watertight - but not others…

Will now try some bathroom sealant to make doubly sure...
Emily's snowglobe

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