Friday, 17 January 2014

Wildling Sticks - Marking Out the Fire-pit (9th September 2013)

We met for the first session of the Autumn. Tei led everyone in a new game - Zip, Zap, Boing - we really had to concentrate as the sounds and actions bounced around the circle. Alison followed up with the Robot Game.

In our news circle we told each other about what we had done in the holidays. We were joined by John from the Wolvercote Tree Group and Mike from the Wolvercote Commoners' Committee who have kindly allowed us to build a fire-pit for the use of the whole community. John showed us a diagram of the tree planting plan for the green and helped us to find a site for the fire-pit.

Then we all went off and found sticks.

Hazel split with a bill hook
The tallest wildlings

Mike brought hazel sticks and bill hooks and showed us how hazel splits easily along its length so you can trap things like feathers in the cleft.  He explained that's how arrows were feathered.

Using the same technique and lots of wrapping around with wool we made wildling sticks with leaves, grass and feathers that we collected and many coloured wools. We used the sticks to mark out the fire-pit ready for turf-cutting at the weekend.

Wildling Sticks marking out the fire-pit on Goose Green 
Mike joined us to sing the Woodcraft Folk Song at the end of a good day.

Session Lead: Lucy
Leaders: Catrin, Kate, Amanda, Alison
Helper: Jan, Tei, Mike, John

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