Friday, 17 January 2014

Bulb planting and Dampers (25th November 2013)

John from Wolvercote Tree Group met us at the fire-pit with 300 bluebell and snowdrop bulbs! He outlined two large areas to sow with bulbs and showed us all how to do it. The Elfins set to with trowels, forks, sticks, dibbers and their bare hands...

When all the bulbs were sown everyone washed their hands and started rolling out their dampers - adding chocolate chips to some and twisting them onto bamboo sticks.

Meanwhile Lucy had  set the fire and Tei had lit it. We cooked the dampers over the fire - but it took significantly longer than the 7 minutes in the recipe and everyone was pretty hungry when they were done... Maybe we'll roll them thinner next time - or use water instead of milk? More practice needed!

While eating around the fire we had a really good chat about which sessions everyone had liked best and what we would all like to do next term. Almost all the sessions got a mention and the overall message seemed to be that everyone wanted variety but the big winners were games, being outside, anything to do with cooking and eating and making things.

We sang Campfire's Burning and the Woodcraft Folk Song before going home.

Session Leads: Lucy
Leaders: Amanda, Alison, Kate, Catrin
Helpers: John, Marie, Tei, John

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