Saturday, 18 January 2014

Snow Globes 1: Global Warming (13th January 2013)

Had fun in the playground then came in and played the Shrinking Icecaps game. All the Elfins were polar bears living on large ice floes made out of sheets of newspaper. When the music began the polar bears had to jump from ice floe to ice floe. When it stopped they all had to get onto one - but each time the music stopped a sheet of newspaper was removed! All the bears had to help each other stay on the dwindling sheets of ice...

Apart from the shrinking ice caps the main complication was that Catrin had forgotten to provide music - so instead had to sing The Wild Rover at the top of her voice for accompaniment!

In the circle we ate Iced Gems and talked about polar bears and penguins and their habitats. We talked about what a climate was and the idea of climate change. We used a globe to point out the North and South Poles and learnt the difference between the Arctic and Antarctic.

Each Elfin had brought a jam jar to make a snow globe

We made black and white models of penguins and polar bears out of clay just small enough to fit inside the different jars. 

Snow creatures by Kira, Zena, Seren and Vidar

Everyone's polar creations

Catrin took them home to bake ready to finish off next week.

We sang the Woodcraft Folk Song - twice! 

Session Lead: Catrin
Leaders: Alison, Kate, Amanda, Lucy
Helper: Tei, Marie

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