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Where in the World? Food (7th October 2013)

We all got together outside again (making the most of the gentle autumn weather) and began with The Bean Game led by Tei and Arthur. In this game lots of different beans have associated shapes and jumps which the Elfins did when Arthur called out 'baked bean', 'coffee bean', 'runner bean', 'string bean' and, of course, 'human bean'!

We sat at the log circle and Seren, Stan, Arthur and Zena unfurled the 'Elfins Rules Scroll'. We talked about the 5 golden rules:

1. Be Kind
2. Listen when others are speaking
3. Act safely near the fire
4. Do as you are asked
5. Have Fun!

We took a vote and pretty unanimously accepted them as our rules.

Instead of news we went around the circle naming our favourite food and the country it comes from: Italy - pasta, pizza, parmesan; France, camembert; Japan - sushi; UK - sausages (but originally Germany) and so on. There was lots of support for Italian food!

Then we played a food tasting relay game: there were 4 teams - the first player had to run forward - put on a blindfold (swimming goggles covered in gaffer tape) - take one of 6 foods from a bag and taste it - then run back and whisper to player 2 what they thought the food was and what country it was from. Player no. 2 whispered the food and country on through the team until it got to the last player who had to run back to the food bag and mark the food on a map of the world before putting on the blindfold themselves (phew...complicated but it worked really well). Food tasted: avocado, croissant, vegetable spring roll, papadum, banana, tortilla chips.

We finished up the remaining food at the fire-pit and talked about where these foods come from. Catrin got croissant wrong! Lucy explained that it actually comes from Austria - Vienna to be precise - not France...

We ended by playing Bat and Moth and singing the Woodcraft Folk song.

Session Lead: Catrin
Leaders: Lucy, Alison, Kate
Helper: Tei

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