Friday, 17 January 2014

Decorating Woodcraft Bags (18th November 2013)

Quite a lot of Elfins and leaders went down with the lurgy and missed this session including Catrin who was supposed to be leading it!

Everyone else met in the hall, grabbed a green cotton drawstring bag and painted it with Woodcraft themed pictures using fabric paints. Unfortunately we painted small bits of a few people's trousers too...

We learned a Very Important Lesson - even if fabric paint says it takes 72 hours to fix on the packet - it probably will just dye everyone's clothes immediately. Have decided to invest in overalls....Thanks to all for being understanding.

Bags looked great. Trousers not so much... Spare bags and paints went around to those who missed the session afterwards.

Session Lead: Catrin (off sick)
Leaders: Lucy, Alison, Kate
Helpers: Marie

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